6 Inch Magnum Flies



  KJ Special No See Em
 Double Blue Magnum  Barney Special Magnum   UV Extreme Magnum
  Crazy Alewive  Crazy Alewives Mother
  Flashy Blue Ghost   Caspers Mom  Glow Irish
  Green Ghost    Green Horde  Moldy Alewive 
 Flashy Glow Irish   Irish  Mardi Gras
 NBK  Packers  PB Casper
 Pretty Go Irish  Pretty Spook  Spook
 Glowing Big Bird  KJ Special High Flash  KJ Special
 Purple Punisher   PB Punisher  MTT Special
 Magenta Punisher  Green Punisher  Chartreuse Punisher
 Blue Punisher  King Me  42 Second Glow
 42 Second    Black Kryptonite  Black Betty


 Bright Green Monster High Flash
 Double Lime Bubble  Fire-tigger Flashy Orange Dreamsicle 
 Flashy Whiteboy  Green Flash
  Green Monster  Green Monster High Flash  Green Star
 Key Lime Flash  Key Lime Punisher  Lemon Lime Bubble High Flash
Lemon Lime Bubble  Lime Bubble High Flash  Lime Bubble
 Lime Star Lucas  Nuclear Casper
 Nuclear Key Lime  OG Ducks  Pearly UV White Boy
 Slimed Black Betty  Slimed Lucas  Slimer High Flash
 Tangerine Dream  UFO  UV Flashy Mom
 007 magnum   Blackend Dew High Flash  Blue Flashy Dew High Flash
 Blue Flashy PB Casper  Blue UV No See Em  Blue Mirage
  Disco Dew High Flash   Feminin LBB UV No See Em   Flashy Aqua


 Flashy PB Casper
 Kelly’s Secret  Nuclear Kelly’s Secret  LBB UV No See Em
  Light Green Lantern  Midnight Madness
  Mountain Dew’s Mom High Flash   Nuclear (UV) Aqua  Nuclear Dew High Flash
  Nuclear Green Ghost   Nuclear (UV) White Boy  Pretty Perch
  Purple UV No See Em  The Po   Zebra
  Blackend Dark MTT Special High Flash   Bloody Barney  Blue Bomber
  Blue Winged Teal  Blued Dark MTT Special High Flash  Dark MTT Special High Flash 
  Flashy American   Flashy Barney   Flashy Blue Bomber
  Flashy Blue  Flashy Bruiser High Flash   Flashy MTT Special High Flash
  Red Dragon  Flashy Red Dragon  Flashy Tuny High Flash
  Freaky Smurf  Little Liv   Nuclear Blueberry
  MTT Special Glow High Flash   MTT Special High Flash   Nuclear MTT Special High Flash
  Nuclear Freaky Barney  Winter MTT Special High Flash
 Moldy White Boy  Nuclear Fat Lady  NY Jets
 The Narby


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