About ITO Flies

ITO flies was born out of a desire to provide my brother and I with good quality flies while saving us money. I soon realized that others could use the same option so I started selling them to others at a great price.

My brother and I have a radio show called Into the Outdoors. http://www.wimsradio.com/outdoors4.php I have worked for Bass Pro and Cabela’s and I soon realized that I was spending 75 hours a week working and had no time to watch my children grow up and I really did not have any time to fish. I also had a desire to make a few extra bucks to pay for my fishing addiction.

All of the work is done in my basement by myself. I use top quality banded mylar and all of my flies are tied with thread and glued so that you do not have to worry about it coming apart. I can make up any color combination that you are looking for. If I do not have a color I will purchase it and tie them up for you special. You can also request a color of thread for the back body part of the fly.

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